International Teamworks, Inc. (ITI) - The Real Story

Sunday, August 8, 1999

I am writing this letter in response to several International Teamworks (ITI) Reps that have come onto a Teleglobe stock board and made claims of "superior compensation" and "phenomenal growth." Even if you have never heard of ITI, please save this message. If you are ever approached by an ITI Rep, you'll at least know the reality of this company

"Phenomenal Growth" and "Superior Compensation;" that's the ITI "story," but it's time to get the TRUTH out to the public.

ITI is a small marketing company out of Vacaville, California.  It was founded by Steve & Stuart Finger, former Excel Reps.  ITI has no products or services of their own.  They often claim that they market services for MCI WorldCom.  The TRUTH of the matter is that
they market LD services for a small reseller called TTI National.  TTI National is among the dozens and dozens of companies that were purchased by MCI WorldCom, but TTI National does NOT even provide 24/7 customer service and is run as a separate entity from WorldCom.

It costs $309 to join ITI, and downline reports cost an extra $5/month.  When a new Rep gathers 5 customers and two new Reps for ITI, he earns a whopping 50 bucks. He gets $20 for the first Rep and $30 for the second Rep.  I'll allow you to determine if that is "superior" by any of your standards.

ITI releases bonuses on the gathering of 1 customer, and that customer can be the new Rep. ITI takes in $309, and about $230 is paid out to the Rep base at best. If ONLY 2 Reps and 5 customers were duplicated in this company, ITI would only be paying out $400 for every $618 they take in.  It is my personal opinion that this could be considered "superior" for the founders of ITI, the men at the top of this binary matrix, but hardly "superior" for the independent Rep base.

The new ITI Rep that gets his 2 & 5 has brought in $927 to what I refer to as the "Finger Funnel," and the "Finger Funnel" has awarded him 50 bucks for his efforts. Superior?  You be the judge.

Phenomenal growth?  I have received copies of ITI commission checks from ITI's top recruiter in Pensacola, FL.  He joined ITI in December, 1998, and his 12/30/98 check number was 17,812. He told me that ITI had about 15,000 Reps in December, and as of 7/12/99 had about 35,000 Reps.  A friend of mine gave me the number from his 7/12/99
iTi commission check.  It is 53,317. That's a total of 35,505 checks.

THE TRUTH.  From 12/30/98 through 7/12/99, ITI cut about 35,500 total checks.  For a company claiming 15 thousand Reps in December, and over 35,000 Reps today, this shines a bright light of TRUTH on this company.  Keep in mind that an active ITI Rep can receive 5 checks per month.  If even the 15,000 Reps that were onboard ITI in December were getting just 1 LDU check per month, the checks to date would be over 100,000. The TRUTH is a far different story.

Last, but certainly not least, ITI Paging:

ITI paging is provided by In-Touch Paging.  I have been forwarded an email written by an ITI Rep that I know to be among ITI's first 5,000 Reps. This email states that:

"No one has been paid on any pager sales whatsoever.  ITI told me that In-Touch Paging has only issued 1 check in the past year and a half.  In-Touch paging however, claims that ITI is receiving monthly checks." 

This email is dated 8/4/99.
To summarize this "superior compensation" for those of you who only want the short version:

$309 into ITI - about $230 paid out. (Best Case)
2 Reps & 5 Customers Pays a new Rep 50 Bucks.
Downline reports are an extra $5/month.
About 39,500 total checks, 12/20/98 thru 7/12/99
"No one has been paid on any pager sales whatsoever"
With ONLY 2 & 5 Duplicated, It's $400 Out For Every $618 In

Regards,     Brent Reeves
                   Orange County, California

If you would like to learn more about ITI, you may check them out for yourself at